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More hysterical HALLUCINATIONS as Leftists claim wheelchair-bound veteran and ICE employee had a “Nazi tattoo” … except it isn’t

The insane leftist media is once again spreading obvious lies in a shameless attempt to falsely portray the enforcement of immigration laws under President Trump as having ties to Nazis. It all started with an erroneous tweet by Talia Levin, a writer for the far-left rag The New Yorker, in which she apparently mistook a military platoon symbol on the elbow of a combat wounded U.S. Marine who now works for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with the iconic Iron Cross that was prominently displayed in 1930s Germany.

A picture posted to ICE’s Twitter account (see below) depicts retired Marine corporal Justin Gaertner sitting in his wheelchair at a desk with his service dog, along with the caption, “ICE HERO Corps: giving veterans a second chance to be a hero.” The legless war hero is wearing a short-sleeve shirt in the photo, and visible on his left elbow is part of a tattoo that could, in some stretch of the imagination, represent maybe one-third of the Iron Cross.

However, without even attempting to verify the true identity of the symbol, Levin immediately jumped at the opportunity to tweet about what she thought she saw – a visual reference to Adolph Hitler and gas chambers that would also make easy fodder in attacking Donald Trump, seeing has how the president has spoken rather frankly about the need for better enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws.

“D List” actor – his words, not ours – Ron Perlman also tweeted about the alleged Nazi symbol, stating, “I know I’m a leftist, ‘D List’ actor, so my twitter feed is probably deceiving me, but is that an iron cross tattooed on this hero’s arm? This is a mistake, right? Cuz the Iron Cross was a symbol of Nazi Germany.

Gotta be my twitter feed is leaning left again.”

Keep in mind that Perlman is the same leftist buffoon who tweeted earlier this year that he would have no problem sacrificing his own life if doing so meant that Trump would be removed from office – which sounds oddly similar to what radical Islamic terrorists have been known to claim as they set off their suicide bomb vests in an attempt to destroy the “infidels.”

“The New Yorker” no different than “The New York Times” with its spreading of fake news

New York-based freelance writer Ron Hogan tweeted about the fake Iron Cross tattoo as well, declaring it to be yet another “example of neo-Nazi iconography” (previous examples being?) emanating from the ICE agency. He concluded his tweet with a sneering attempt at a joke, asking, “Maybe ICE should call it their outfit the Heldenkorps, eh?”

Once again, rather than properly vet the photo to verify whether or not the tattoo in question had any correlation whatsoever to Nazi Germany – it doesn’t – The New Yorker, Perlman, Hogan, and many others were quick to manufacture a story out of something that isn’t even true, which once again illustrates the Left’s deeply-rooted hatred for laws that serve the interests of American citizens – not to mention their loathing for our country’s current president.

After learning about this latest fake news incident, ICE released a full statement explaining that Gaertner’s tattoo represents the symbol of the platoon he was a part of while fighting in Afghanistan. Gaertner was the lead sweeper for IEDs in his platoon, and while serving in this role he lost both of his legs, as well as suffered other permanent injuries.

“Over the weekend, social media perpetuated by a tweet by New Yorker reporter Talia Levin erroneously implied that a tattoo on one of his arms was an Iron Cross and essentially labeled him a Nazi,” the ICE statement reads. “Levin deleted her post after military veterans responded that the tattoo looked more like a Maltese cross, a symbol associated with fire fighters.”

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